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Now, having come to know God, we desire to bring glory to God by continuing to grow in our faith. Our church is unique in our Personal Discipleship Plan (PDP) plan. You will grow in your faith, knowledge, love for others and will be equipped to reach this world as leaders for Jesus. Read about the PDP plan below and learn about the ministries of the church. 

Foggy Forest

How will I grow in faith at First Covenant Church?

Our Personal Discipleship Plan (PDP)

is designed with you in mind. In fact, this is custom designed for you and nobody else.


How is this possible?


Each of us is on a journey that is different than the rest. A custom designed growth plan is needed to fit our lives. Hence, the PDP. Sit down with our Pastors and talk with them and they will help you design a plan for continued spiritual growth. Click the contact us button below to begin your PDP.

If you would prefer, there are qualified women in our church to help you with your PDP as well.

Foggy Forest

What other ministries at church will help me grow in faith?

Below is a list of ministries at the church:

Sign up for any of the above or learn more by contacting us below...

As you continue to grow in faith, there will be opportunities to go make followers of Jesus. Click on the "GO" tab to learn about the ministries of outreach and how you can get involved.

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