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Sermons & services

Need to worship God from home or simply want

to watch online?


Watch our Sunday morning worship at 11am from home or at any time with our online video sermons from prior weeks. COVID and other illnesses can prevent us from coming in person and make it challenging to connect relationally with people. We get that. 

Watch our church worship service LIVE every Sunday at 11am.

Click the link below to watch.

But How do I "do church at home"

with children?

Worshiping God together in the living room may be new to you, but how exciting as well! You the guardian, parent or friend get to lead others (children) into God's presence and teach them about the love of Jesus. We at First Covenant Church want to help equip you to do this!  Here are a few suggestions and links of materials that you may find helpful. The following is one way to "do church at home".


1. Gather your family together -- around the TV or device.

2. Open in prayer -- try the Lord's prayer together, or think of one where you invite God to be the center of your worship.

3. Click the live link above to watch the service. During the time the children are dismissed - set them up with printed Bible stories to color (us adults can enjoy this as well with colored pencils!). Also, we have found it helpful to share with the children clear expectations for this coloring time.  

The "Let's Go" button has several free, good quality printable Bible coloring sheets. It is from a great series titled "What's in the Bible?" and is highly recommended for kids and adults alike.


4. After the sermon, discuss the sermon by asking What stood out? Where did you see God at work?  or any other questions you think of to spark spiritual conversations. 

5. Close your time in prayer.

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