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Kid's Playing Outdoor

What about my kids?

God loves your children, so do we!

If you have kids, bring them with you to the worship service.


The children through age 12 are dismissed during church service. Several of our trained volunteer teachers will direct your children to the children's building located directly behind the church sanctuary. If you would like to go with your children for the first time to check-it out and make sure they are safe and happy, please do so!  After checking your children in, you can return back to the sanctuary to catch the last portion of the church service.  Or if you prefer to have your children with you throughout the service, that is totally fine as well. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

Please make sure to fill out our connection card or the online form. One of our Pastors will connect with you. They are awesome and will love you well!  

After service, the coffee bar is still open and we are fairly confident that your little one may like some hot chocolate!  Grab a refreshment, meet new people, pick up your children at the children's building and be expectant of what God will do through you as we:

Know God.

Grow in faith.

Go make followers of Jesus.


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